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Carlos Klavins gives origin to the label “CRYSTAL MUSIC” after to have journeyed and to have made its experience in the era of gold, of the argentine folk music in the ‘60, being Technician in the Recording Studios of the CBS. In that time, this company counted with Hernán Figueroa Reyes as folkloric adviser, producing greater moved the well-known one of the native sort.

After several years of work in different areas from the record industry, producing for other companies, he creates his first label: "Buho Records" in the year 1979.

In 1991, it changed the designation of his label by the present name Crystal Music and produced to several hundreds of artists, reaching the greater resonance with successes as “Tata yo quiero ser diputado" by Gustavo Guichón, "Mírame" by Los 4 de Salta, "Pena y alegría del amor" by Mario Alvarez Quiroga, "Córdoba en Otoño" by Pablo Lozano, until arriving at "Pasacalles del Amor" by Facundo Toro with whom already has been seven years of constant work.

Between the artists who comprise of the recorded repertoire, they are Robustiano Figueroa Reyes, Antonio Tormo, La Chacarerata Santiagueña, Julia Elena Dávalos, Los Hermanos Abalos, Víctor Abel Giménez, Rubén Patagonia, Los de Siempre, DNI-Folklore, Ramon Ayala, Daniel Altamirano, Daniel Toro, Cuarteto Santa Ana, Alberto Merlo, Argentino Luna...



In other musical sorts it made recordings with Leonardo Miranda; in tropical with the Quinteto Imperio, Los Rodeños, Los Reyes de la Cumbia; in tango with Susana Rinaldi, Libertrío, Monserrat Tango; in rock with Daniel Fregtman accompanied by Alejandro Lerner, Lito Nebbia and Rubén Izarrualde. Also it included the jazz repertoire with the Quartet of Bucky Arcella accompanied with Rodolfo Mederos and humor with El Chango Juarez, Romerito together with Luis Landriscina and Doña Jovita, El Turco Salomón and others.

The records but outstanding editions in the last three years of CRYSTAL MUSIC are "Corazón Salteño" by Salteños Dawns, "A Volar" by Maria Fernanda Juárez, "Selección of Criollos" Stories; by Víctor Abel Giménez, Maximum "Los of Canto Sureño" by several vos interpreters (Jose Curbelo, Víctor Vela'zquez, Sum Peace, Atahualpa Yupanqui, Ayrala Robert, etc), "Para Mamá", compiled of several interpreters (Miguel Angel Gutiérrez, Melania Perez, Brown Piece, Ayrala Robert, etc), "Por Seguirte the Corriente" by Facundo Toro and a new album of DNI-Folklore: "Aguante Barrio". In the matter of endorsement and diffusion of the artists of the seal, during 5 years consecutive CRYSTAL MUSIC it parallelly made folkloric rocks to the Festival of Cosquín under the name of "the Carp of Daniel Toro" and "the Rock of Daniel and Facundo Toro". In these rocks it was summoned during every year to the average graphs, radial and televising from the country to special lunches, disc presentations and press conferences, in some cases with exclusive and deprived recitales.


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